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Automobile brake principle is what

Brake is the most important part of a car. No matter where you are lazy to deal with it, the brake must not relax a little. So today Xiaobian will take you together to see what the principle of automobile brake is.

The working principle of the brake system is to create huge friction, which converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat energy. It is well known that energy neither produces nor disappears from space. It can only be transformed from one form to another or transferred from one object to another. In the process of transformation or transfer, the total amount of energy remains unchanged. In the process of acceleration, chemical energy is converted into heat energy and kinetic energy. When braking, the braking system converts kinetic energy into heat energy and emits it into air. It may take 10 seconds for a car to accelerate from stationary speed to 100 kilometers per hour, but it may only take XX seconds to brake from 100 kilometers per hour to stationary speed, which shows that the braking system bears a huge load. On the other hand, if you want to experience the acceleration pleasure of a super sports car, you can use an ordinary family car, but you need to sit back and experience it in a brake.

The function of automobile brake system is to make the driver exert certain force on the wheels on the road according to the road and traffic conditions, and to make a certain degree of compulsory braking on the car to meet the driving needs of the driver. The brake system is mainly composed of energy supply device, control device, transmission device, brake force regulating device and brake. Brake in brake system is a component used to produce force that hinders the movement or movement trend of vehicles. At present, it can be divided into drum and disc. Today's automobiles also have central brakes (hand brakes), which are mainly used for parking brakes. Due to the different structure and physical characteristics, drum brakes are generally used in heavy trucks at present, while almost all light trucks use disc brakes or front and rear drum brakes (modern disc brakes are composed of brake discs and brake calipers, so they are also called pliers, commonly known as brake calipers).

The brake booster pump and the brake master pump are connected in series. Usually the shape of the pump is a huge black cylindrical or conical container. In fact, it is also a piston mechanism. There is a diaphragm inside which divides the booster pump into two chambers, one linking the engine intake pipe, the other connecting with the outside atmosphere. Because the engine needs to breathe in when it works, it will produce vacuum on one side of the booster pump, which will cause a huge pressure difference on both sides of the valve, and the pressure exerted by the driver will press on the brake master pump together to produce a huge braking force. The main brake pump needs pipelines to connect to each brake caliper. We can see several black pipes extending from the main brake pump. These pipes are made of metal. The reason is simple. The metal has no elasticity and will not expand because of the increase of liquid pressure, so as to ensure the transmission of braking force. But at the end of the pipeline, that is, near the wheels, hoses have to be used, because in the course of driving, vehicle suspension is always moving relative to the body, and rubber hoses are commonly used in household cars. From the brake effect point of view, hose is not the best, so many later brake refitting uses the so-called "steel throat", of course, the steel throat is not a traditional steel pipe, its internal is still rubber pipe, and the outer sleeve of steel wire braided pipe, improve high-pressure performance.

After understanding the principle of automobile brake, we can know that the brake system is like life for a car, and how dangerous it will bring to the owner if the brake system fails or loses power completely is conceivable.

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