The 17th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition ends successfully

2019-12-03 16:17

On December 1, 2019, the 17th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Guangzhou Auto Show") came to a successful conclusion. The ten-day exhibition attracted 760,000 visitors. With the participation of car manufacturers at home and abroad and the strong support of all sectors of society, the 17th Guangzhou Auto Show has been a complete success. Adhering to the theme of "new technology, new life", this Guangzhou Auto Show focuses on the integration and development of "new four modernizations", and looks forward to the transformation of travel modes triggered by the application of new technologies such as electric drive, artificial intelligence and mobile internet. The new era, while showing the human vision for the future of car life.

The Guangzhou Auto Show used 13 exhibition halls in the Canton Fair Complex and 2 exhibition halls in Area B, as well as the outdoor exhibition areas in North and South Squares in Area A and South Square in Area B. The exhibition scale reached 220,000 square meters. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, there were 38 cars starting in the world, 10 cars from multinational companies, and 30 concept cars, of which 17 were from international brands and 13 from domestic brands; the total number of cars on display was 1,050. A total of 182 new energy vehicles were exhibited by exhibiting car companies at home and abroad, of which 70 were exhibited by foreign companies. A total of 68 press conferences were held on the day of Media Day. 10,577 journalists from 2,551 domestic and overseas media participated in the report, including 553 overseas media reporters from 166 media from 32 countries and regions.

Guangzhou Auto Show, as a large-scale comprehensive international auto exhibition during the year, has been hailed as the "vane of China's auto market" and has attracted the attention of the global auto industry. The elites of the automotive industry at home and abroad have gathered in Yangcheng, hoping to see the future development of the world's largest automotive market, which is continuously expanding and opening, through the window of the core city of the Greater Bay Area. Thousands of cars are competing at this Guangzhou Auto Show, and new cars are gathering. The extraordinary scene has injected confidence into China and even the global auto market.