About Tuosheng
Anhui Tuosheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established on April 25, 2013. Anhui Tuosheng is a company specialize in rubber automotive products, our leading products are bushings. We are based in Guangde economic development zone Anhui and has office in Shanghai China. Anhui Tuosheng's key customs have SGM, GAC, SAIC MOTOR, SGMW, FORD, GEELY, BYD, BORGWARD,BOSCH.Some products exported to the United States, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and India and other countries.
TuoSheng , keep up with the times
In 2016, Anhui Tuosheng was recognized as a high-tech enterprise for the first time. In 2018, the company's "Digital workshop for core parts of automobile vibration reduction" was recognized as a digital workshop by the department of economy and information technology of Anhui province. Our "R&D and industrialization of high-performance special fluoro rubber sealing materials for automobiles" project was listed as a major scientific and technological project of 2018 in Anhui province. In 2016, Anhui Tuosheng cooperated with university of science and technology Beijing to establish NVH technology center. We have some experience and ability to development new parts with OEM. For example: the control arm bushing and rear axle bushing for SAIC Motor is AP11 and ZP1, for SGM is S308, K211 and other models. In terms of quality, a complete quality management system has been established in strict accordance with the requirements of IATF16949:2016, with meticulous operation rules and perfect service mechanism from raw material purchase to product delivery. Now it has advanced imported testing equipment (INOVA durability, MTS, 2-dimensional testing machine, 3-dimensional testing machine) and experimental ability, which has been approved by SAIC, GM, SAIC passenger car, GEELY, BYD and other automotive enterprises. In recent years, the company has continuously improved its self-innovation ability, and the innovation of auto parts manufacturing technology has also achieved fruitful results. Up to now, the company has obtained 42 authorized patents, including 1 invention patent and 41 utility model patents. Another five invention patents are in the actual examination stage.
Open up,Never stop
We will invest more manpower and funds in research and development, and strive to become the main supplier of domestic passenger cars. On the basis of high-tech enterprises in Anhui province, cooperating with scientific research institutions, it has been recognized by provincial r&d center; The establishment of rubber refining center in Guangde, using automatic small drug weighing system; The company will assume more social responsibilities and repay the society.
Future,Not forgetting the beginning
Our business philosophy is "people-oriented, steady development", "keep improving, continuous improvement, scientific management, customer satisfaction", and constantly develop, and strive to build the company into an internationally competitive enterprise.